How To Drink in RLCraft (2024)

by SomeNutzGuy on Wed Nov 04 2020.

The RL in RLCraft stands for Real Life or Realism. One of the many differences between vanilla Minecraft and RLCraft is that there is a thirst bar and you have to manage your thirst level as well as your hunger. Becoming dehydrated at the wrong time can be… problematic. When your thirst bar gets too low your vision will start to become blurry to the point where it becomes difficult to see anything. This is one of the many mechanics new players struggle with when starting out in RLCraft. In this article we’ll cover everything you need to know from how to drink water in RLCraft to a comparison of all the different drinks at the end.

What affects thirst in RLCraft?

There are several ways your thirst can be reduced. Firstly, like food, your water will decrease as you move around or perform actions like fighting. The more you’re doing, the faster it will decrease.

Temperature exists in RLCraft and will impact how quickly your thirst decreases. Unsurprisingly, the hotter you are the more thirst you’ll lose. Until you have a decent way to deal with temperature I would avoid spending too much time in deserts and mesa biomes.

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If you drink impure water you’ll gain the ‘Thirst’ debuff which will decrease your thirst over a 30 second duration and turn your thirst bar green. Impure water is any water from a source out in the world, even if it’s been bottled.

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What are the different ways to drink in RLcraft?

The simplest way to drink is straight from water sources in the world. It’s a quick fix but has it’s negatives. To do this you crouch/ sneak next to a water source block (not the flow of water), point at it and right click. You’ll have to click several times to fill the meter.

You can also bottle water by right clicking a water source block with a glass bottle in your hand. Bottled water doesn’t fill your thirst meter much and doesn’t stack in your inventory so it’s fairly inefficient.

A canteen can be crafted with 6 leather and is a more effective container for water. This is because it has three uses before needing to be refilled.

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Probably the most efficient water source in the early game is carrying a bucket of water around with you. Be careful when drinking the water you placed down though. When you crouch to drink be careful you don’t pick something up which you then place where the water is.

All of these methods cause the ‘Thirst’ debuff due to the water being ‘impure’. There are a few ways you can purify water to avoid this.

You can ‘cook’ bottled water or a water bucket in a furnace or combine a full canteen with a ‘Charcoal Filter’. This will produce purified water that you can drink without getting the debuff.

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You can also drink rain which counts as pure water. You do this by crouching, looking straight up into the sky and right clicking. Crafting a ‘Rain Collector’ will allow you to gain a passive source of pure water by gathering rain.You can bottle it but it’s fairly inefficient.

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Juice in RLCraft!

There are many different juices you can make in RLCraft and they provide far more thirst than water. There are 10 different juices you can make that vary in effectiveness. We’ll compare ALL drinks below.

To make juice you’ll need a glass bottle, sugar and the fruit or vegetable you’re making the juice from.

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Until you get past the early stages of the game and you can set up a farm for the fruit to make juice or gain enough from looting the best solution to your thirst problems is the water bucket. Even though it’s impure, it’s infinite and portable. Note that this won’t work for the nether as water will disappear. Once you have an abundance of gold it’s quite easy to make golden juices which can entirely fill your bar in one drink.

Comparison of all the different drinks in RLCraft:

DrinkThirst Replenishment (Units)
Water Source (1 Drink):1.5
Water Canteen (1 Use):1.5
Water Bottle:1.5
Milk Bucket:3
Purified Water Source (1 Drink):3
Purified Water Canteen (1 Use):3
Purified Water Bottle:3
Pumpkin Juice:3.5
Apple Juice:4
Carrot Juice:4
Melon Juice:4
Cactus Juice:4.5
Beetroot Juice:5
Chorus Fruit Juice:6
Golden Carrot Juice:7
Glistering Melon Juice:8
Golden Apple Juice:10

You should know everything about how to drink in RL Craft now. No doubt if you’re reading this you’ve probably just started your RLCraft journey. It can be tough out there but don’t give up! It’s an extremely fun modpack. This Beginner’s Tips and Tricks article can help you get started and hopefully not die so much!

How To Drink in RLCraft (2024)
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