Coworking Space Available at 100 W. Road (2024)

Build your business presence fast, with an instant professional company address and the virtual office services you need. Choose from thousands of locations to position your business wherever you need to be. Campus-style site close to town.Develop your company among other professional industries in an area that is dedicated to business. West Road Corporate Center is located on a campus-style site with all the facilities and amenities you need to support and cultivate your business.Fitness centre's and deli's allow you to take breaks without leaving the campus, giving you the opportunity to make contacts with neighbouring colleagues. When you have some free time, Towson town centre is a short drive away, offering a large choice of restaurants and shops. Regus Virtual Office includes: •Options ranging from local business address to telephone numbers and workspace access•Professional receptionists to greet guests•24/7 customer support•Regular networking and community events •Mail forwarding on daily, weekly or ad hoc basis•Choice of regional or national phone number•Professional call answering service•Administrative support•Access to office or coworking space as and when needed•Pricing starts at 255All images shown in this listing belong to our locations but may not correspond to this specific centre.Enquire now.

Available Workspaces

Coworking Space Available at 100 W. Road (1)

Private Office


sqft range

86 to 1292

Coworking Space Available at 100 W. Road (2)

Dedicated Desk

sqft range

108 to 328

starting at


Coworking Space Available at 100 W. Road (3)

Day Office

sqft range

86 to 108

starting at


Coworking Space Available at 100 W. Road (4)

Virtual Office

starting at


Coworking Space Available at 100 W. Road (5)

Open Workspace

starting at


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24/7 security

Business address

Money-back guarantee

Utilities included


Office furniture


Cleaning services

Mail services

Receptionist/Secretarial services


Business lounge

Lounge area


Ergonomic furniture

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm


Hours Open


8:30 am - 5:00 pm


8:30 am - 5:00 pm


8:30 am - 5:00 pm


8:30 am - 5:00 pm


8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Getting around

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  • City Towson, MD
  • Neighborhood Towson
  • Zip Code 21204
  • Map
  • Street

Points of Interest

  • Timonium Business Park

    1.65 miles

  • Timonium Fairgrounds

    2.73 miles

  • Falls Road

    3.08 miles

  • Pepper Road

    5.95 miles

  • West Cold Spring

    6.08 miles

  • Hunt Valley

    6.18 miles

  • Mount Royal / University of Baltimore

    7.26 miles

  • Upton

    7.57 miles

  • Centre Street

    7.99 miles

  • Charles Center

    8.46 miles

  • eVgo

    0.42 miles

  • Shell

    0.44 miles

  • Exxon

    0.55 miles

  • Exxon

    0.56 miles

  • Oceanic

    0.59 miles

  • Carroll Motor Fuels

    0.60 miles

  • Sunoco

    0.80 miles

  • BP

    0.84 miles

  • Exxon

    1.11 miles

  • Citgo

    1.14 miles

  • BCRA Parking Garage #3

    0.83 miles

  • Parking Deck A

    0.90 miles

  • Dulaney Center

    0.91 miles

  • 37 Allegheny Lot

    0.92 miles

  • Berry Lot

    0.93 miles

  • Lot 1

    0.94 miles

  • Lot 2

    0.96 miles

  • Allegheny Avenue Lot

    0.96 miles

  • Lot 3

    0.96 miles

  • Parking B

    0.99 miles

  • Express Inn

    0.63 miles

  • Sheraton

    0.88 miles

  • Red Roof Inn

    2.01 miles

  • Best Western Plus

    2.42 miles

  • Towson East Motel

    2.69 miles

  • Comfort Inn

    2.87 miles

  • The Welcome Inn

    2.92 miles

  • Holiday Inn Timonium

    3.29 miles

  • Hampton Inn & Suites Baltimore North/Timonium

    3.37 miles

  • Extended Stay America Baltimore - Timonium

    3.43 miles

  • The Shops at Kenilworth

    0.21 miles

  • Trader Joe's

    0.23 miles

  • Safeway

    0.35 miles

  • Macy's

    0.94 miles

  • Circle East

    1.03 miles

  • Whole Foods Market

    1.10 miles

  • Nordstrom

    1.11 miles

  • Big Lots

    1.33 miles

  • Kohl's

    1.39 miles

  • ALDI

    1.40 miles


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Regus - 100 W. Road Listing Brief

  • The price for coworking or shared office space will vary depending on several factors, such as the location, the workspace capacity, the amenities available on site or nearby, and, of course, the type of membership and the level of access you choose.

    At Regus West Road Corporate Center, the lowest-priced available workspace option is Open Workspace, for which rates start at $119/month. You can also choose Day Office, for which pricing starts at $225/month. Alternatively, consider Virtual Office, with rates starting at $255/month.

  • Flexible and shared workspaces typically present a range of membership possibilities. However, it's important to keep in mind that the availability of these options may vary based on the overall capacity and popularity of the location. From hot desks and dedicated workstations to private offices, expansive floor suites, meeting rooms, content creation studios, and event areas, each choice offers unique advantages and amenities.

    Additionally, the extent of access within the coworking community can differ among these options. To learn more about which solution best addresses your interest, feel free to get in touch with the provider using the contact form on this page. At West Road Corporate Center, current availability include: Private Office; Dedicated Desk; Day Office; Virtual Office and Open Workspace.

  • Regus West Road Corporate Center is located at 100 W. Road in the Towson neighborhood of Towson. Check out the location description section on this listing page for an easy visualization of the area surrounding the property and what your best options for getting around are. A full list of on-site amenities is also available for your consideration of what perks and possibilities are on offer.

    See the points of interest list for details on proximity from nearby transportation options, parking, fuel stations, stores, hotels and other accommodation, and more.

  • To find the best Towson coworking space for you, consider the amenities that are essential for you to be productive, as well as the perks that would give you an extra boost. If you're interested in learning more about Regus West Road Corporate Center than what is listed here or would like to schedule a visit to check out the community in person, feel free to reach out using the contact form.




Coworking Space Available at 100 W. Road (2024)


How to negotiate a coworking space? ›

2) Use Perks and Amenities as Bargaining Chips

Prioritize the amenities that your company needs, and avoid paying for the ones you don't. Avoid coworking options with superfluous “free” amenities that do nothing for your company, because you end paying for them one way or another.

What is the difference between a workspace and a coworking space? ›

In a traditional office setting, there is often a well-defined structure that employees follow. This may include a fixed working schedule and designated workspaces. However, in a coworking space, the level of routine and structure tends to be more flexible and adaptable, and hotdesking is a common sight.

What is the difference between a shared space and a coworking space? ›

coworking is privacy. With an office-sharing situation, you'll have walls and a door between you and the other people in the space. With a coworking situation, you'll have access to private meeting rooms and phone booths, but you'll spend the majority of your time in the communal space surrounded by others.

What is the difference between a flex space and a coworking space? ›

Both options provide essential amenities, but coworking spaces focus more on community-building services like networking events, while flex office spaces prioritize professional amenities for established businesses.

Why do coworking spaces fail? ›

Quick Summary: Coworking spaces often fail due to poor location choices, inadequate market research, and lack of a unique value proposition, leading to underutilization and financial struggles.

Is it worth paying for a coworking space? ›

Productivity Boost: If you're struggling with productivity in your current work environment, a coworking office space can provide the structure and motivation you need. Many members find they get more done and are more inspired in a coworking setting. Amenities and Services: Evaluate the amenities and services offered.

What is the etiquette for coworking space? ›

Much like you would treat your desk in a traditional office, keep your spot tidy in a coworking space. This includes, but isn't limited to, following these sanitary tips. Wipe up any spills, leftover lunch residue, and even rings left behind from cups that do not have coasters with a disinfecting wipe.

Who uses coworking spaces the most? ›

Who Uses Coworking Spaces the Most? Coworking spaces attract workers across multiple industries, but the tech, creative, and financial industries are some of the most common. A mix of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small teams use them.

Are coworking spaces cost effective? ›

Coworking Spaces: Cost efficiency is a major selling point for coworking spaces. They offer various membership plans with the flexibility to upgrade or scale down as necessary. The financial obligation is typically much less burdensome compared to a traditional lease, with the added benefit of inclusive amenities.

What's one of the downsides to a coworking space for freelancers? ›

Too much noise for calls

One of the downsides of coworking spaces is that furniture isn't the only thing that's shared; sound is, too. Typically, people will be having conversations and making phone calls nearby, which can become a distraction.

What makes the best coworking space? ›

7 tips for a successful coworking space
  • The location. ...
  • The equipment. ...
  • The prices. ...
  • The layout. ...
  • The name. ...
  • The beginning. ...
  • The job profile.

Can you negotiate with WeWork? ›

I just negotiated a 30% discount on my WeWork office space - saving me more than $4,000 over two years. There were some really good learnings from the negotiation, so I figured I'd share.

How do you negotiate a work location? ›

How can you negotiate a better work location?
  1. Assess your value.
  2. Identify your options.
  3. Make a proposal.
  4. Listen and negotiate.
  5. Follow up and confirm. Be the first to add your personal experience.
  6. Here's what else to consider. Be the first to add your personal experience.
Dec 4, 2023

How do you attract customers to coworking space? ›

Top 8 Steps to Attract Non-Office Members
  1. Make Google Your No. 1 Marketing Tool. ...
  2. Create different Membership Packages. ...
  3. Offer a Free Trial. ...
  4. Create a Referral Program. ...
  5. Be Present on Social Media. ...
  6. Host Events. ...
  7. Partner With Local Businesses. ...
  8. Provide perks.

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