17+ Amish Attractions in Lancaster, PA (2024 List) | Amish Farms, Buggy Rides & Things to Do (2024)

Enjoy Lancaster’s Many Amish Country Attractions 2024

While there are many things to do throughout Lancaster, Pennsylvania, one of the more popular “attractions” is the Amish community here. That’s why Lancaster County is called the Amish Country. Lancaster is home to the largest Amish settlement in the world. Visitors come from around the world to see and learn about our Amish neighbors and their culture. There are many opportunities for visitors to learn about the Amish lifestyle. You can tours Amish homes and farms, take guided tours, ride in an Amish buggy, and even interact with the Amish directly.

While visiting the Amish Country there are a variety of ways to learn about the Amish and get a first-hand view of their beliefs and lifestyles. Click here to see our list of Amish Attractions you can enjoy here. Or, read on to learn about the variety of ways you can learn about, interact with, and experience our local Amish community.

List of Lancaster Amish Attractions

Learn About and Experience the Amish Culture First-Hand

The Amish culture is an important part of Lancaster County. Many of their simpler lifestyle choices are a breath of fresh air to today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Take time to experience some of the differences between their lifestyle and priorities and our own. There are a number of fun ways to interact with and learn about the Amish:

  • – Tour a working Amish farm or an Amish home to learn how Amish families live. Learn more about their unique lifestyles and culture.
  • Amish Country Tours – Take a guided tour of the peaceful Amish farmlands and learn about the Amish and their lifestyle. Many tours stop at a local Amish farm or shop.
  • Amish Buggy Rides – Hop aboard a horse-drawn Amish buggy and enjoy an informative tour of the Amish countryside. These can be very educational and enjoyable.
  • Meal in an Amish Home – Enjoy a delicious Pennsylvania Dutch meal home-cooked by Amish. Gather around their dinner table and interact with the Amish while they serve you.
  • Amish Quilts – These handcrafted works of art are well-known for their distinctive designs and quality. Many local Amish women create beautiful hand-made quilts.
  • Amish Furniture – The Amish are widely recognized as expert craftsmen, and their hand-crafted furniture has a reputation for quality and durability.
  • Amish Products – Amish crafts aren’t just restricted to quilts and furniture. There are many other craft and gift items that are hand-made by Amish men and women.
  • Amish-Owned Businesses – The Amish are an integral part of the overall Lancaster community. There are manyhere that serve visitors and the local community/
  • Mud Sales – These fascinating indoor and outdoor community auctions raise support for the many local volunteer fire companies serving Lancaster County.
  • – Learn about the Amish community and their “plain” lifestyle. Learn about the history of the Amish, their faith, family life, schools, and many frequently asked questions.

Have Fun Learning About Amish Life in Lancaster County

Don’t miss the many Lancaster County Amish attractions available here. Many people say they rethink some of their own priorities after learning more about the Amish way of life.

Jacob’s Choice at the Amish Experience Theater

Discover the world of the Amish today through the emotional struggle of the Fisher family to preserve 400 years of tradition. Five screens, smoke, fire, wind and special effects immerse you in this dramatic story as you experience what it’s really like to be Amish.

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Old Windmill Farm – Amish Farm Tours

Come experience life on an Amish farm. Milk a cow, feed a calf and the pygmy goats, miniature bull, and miniature chickens. Watch the pot-bellied pigs perform. All ages will enjoy this! Then tour their big garden and sample the fresh produce. Groups are welcome. Learn about Amish life from the Amish.

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Strasburg Scooter Tours – Ultimate Amish Adventure

Take the Ultimate Amish Adventure Scooter Tour |Explore life in Lancaster County, PA’s Amish countryside as we motor across rolling hills and valleys while getting a first-hand experience of our unique community. This is the most interactive tour with the Amish culture you will find in Lancaster.

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AAA Buggy Rides

Our friendly drivers will enlighten you with information about the Amish lifestyle. Choose from any of our famous horse and buggy tours: The Ultimate Four Mile Country Buggy Ride, The Five Mile Covered Bridge Ride, The Amish Farm Tour ride!

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Amish Experience Visit-in-Person Tour

Visit three real Amish homes. Meet a farmer at milking time, a craftsman in their workshop, and a family at home. We work with 30 authentic Amish households not normally open to the public. This exclusive tour takes 14 people maximum to ensure everyone interacts with the Amish hosts.

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The Amish Experience is a complete interpretive center focusing on Amish culture and heritage. Completely surrounded by Amish farmland along Route 340, the experience offers “Jacob’s Choice” in the Amish Experience multi-media Theater, guided walking tours of an Amish House & School, and guided bus tours of the Amish farmland. These experiences are available as a completely private tour package.

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Amish Farm and House

Since 1955, Lancaster’s Premier Amish attraction offers an authentic and respectful look into the Amish culture. The area’s Living Heritage comes to life as you visit our house, farm, one-room school, animals, and local artisans. Countryside Bus Tours offered daily.

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Amish Farm and House Countryside Bus Tours

Discover Lancaster's living heritage on Lancaster’s original 90-minute bus tour. Take in the scenic beauty of rural Lancaster County. You'll see and learn about Amish schools, Amish farms and culture, covered bridges, and even visit an Amish store or roadside stand. Daily tours - please call ahead for reservation.

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Amish Village Backroads Bus Tours

Take a 90-minute tour through the beautiful backroads of Amish Country in Lancaster PA. Onboard our clean, 14-passenger bus your tour guide narrates the scenic views and shares Amish customs and traditions alive and well today. You’ll even visit an Amish home or business. To learn more, Watch Our Video

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Amish Village: Tour an Amish House and Village

Take a guided tour of an authentic Amish farmhouse and barnyard. Learn about the customs and traditions of the Plain community. Our 12-acre property features a one-room schoolhouse and picnic grounds. Shop in the market where you can meet our Amish staff. Then, grab a selfie inside the Amish buggy.

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Ride like the Amish with a Horse and Buggy. Visit working Amish farms. Several ride options available, including Private Rides!

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Abe’s Buggy Rides

Amish Experience SuperSaver Tour

Tour Package Savings on Amish Farmlands tour, “Jacob’s Choice” show, and Amish house & school tour.

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Amish Experience: Amish Meal in an Amish Home

Tour the Amish Countryside, then enjoy an authentic all-you-care-to-eat meal served family style meal in an Amish home.

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Bird-in-Hand Farmers Market

Fresh fruits, meats, cheeses, baked goods, quilts, crafts, gifts, more.

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Bird-in-Hand Stage

NEW TEMPORARY LOCATION - Our Broadway-style musicals have been delighting audiences since 2011.

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loKal Experiences – Truly Experience Lancaster County

Go off the beaten path to witness the authentic Amish culture. You can even enjoy a meal with the Amish.

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Unique Lancaster Experiences

Operates historic tours and fun experiences. Book food tours, scavenger hunts, and more. Fun things to do six days a week.

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17+ Amish Attractions in Lancaster, PA (2024 List) | Amish Farms, Buggy Rides & Things to Do (2024)
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